Move It Pro & Muscle

Frequently Asked Questions

Move It is an on-demand moving and delivery platform to help with all your big and heavy lifting. Think of us as the Uber and Lyft of moving and delivery. We connect you with local truck owners (called "Move It Pros") and local labor (called “Move It Muscle”) who are ready to help with your moving, delivery, and hauling needs.
Every Move It Pro and Muscle is an independent contractor that chooses when they want to help others with delivering and moving needs.
Move It Pros are helpers who have a pickup truck, cargo van, boxed truck, or a vehicle w/a trailer. They are willing and able to help carry, lift, move, and deliver between two destinations.
Move It Muscle are helpers who are pretty much labor. They help carry and lift items on an hourly basis. They have transportation so they can travel between destinations if needed.
  • Move It Pros make $35+/hr
  • Move It Muscles make $20+/hr
Move It pays via direct deposit on a weekly basis. No long waits. Get paid on the last weeks activity. We use Paypal. Free, quick, easy, secure way to paid directly to you. Signup process for Paypal account is quick and easy as well. We will send link to you when approved.
  • Must be atleast 18 years of age
  • Move It Pros must have a pickup truck, cargo van, box truck or vehicle w/trailer model year 2000 or newer that is reliable and is capable of safely moving items in perfect condition.
  • Have valid driver’s license and auto insurance
  • Move It Muscles need to have transportation to get to and from Move It job destinations
  • Must have an iPhone or Android smartphone
  • Must be able to pass background check
  • Must be able to speak English
  • Willing and able to lift/carry large items (minimum 80 lbs)
  • Must have checking account to receive direct deposits
  • Must be friendly and courteous to customers at all times
Most Move It jobs are quick deliveries for someone that can’t fit an item in their vehicle from a store. Or small moves (moving a few things like a couch, TV, or table to one location to another). Or just helping people who can’t physically lift or carrying items by themselves or at all.
One you are approved on the Move It platform, you will have access to the Move It Helper app. Inside the app you will see available job you can accept and start working. Each Move It job will have specific details to make sure you can perform the job to the fullest extent. Work when you want, how often you want.
Your Move it application takes usually 5-7 business days, sometimes much quicker. We will stay in contact through email.

YES. However, you will need to signup twice. Once for a Pro and once for a Muscle. You will have to use two different email log-ins as well. You will have two accounts, one for a Pro and one for a Muscle.

You are required to move and deliver customers items in a safe and secure manner. We highly suggest you have straps, bungies, dolly, blankets, tool box, and anything else to help make your move easiest for you and keeping the customers items safe and secure.

You and your customer will be able to message / text and call one another via the Move It app or website.